Leak Detection in Baldwin County Alabama

Water Leak Detector

leak-detector-leak-amplifier-baldwin-county-alabama Do you need a leak detector specialist in Baldwin County AL or the surrounding areas? Is your plumbing having issues that are out of your experience range to fix alone? Do you suspect you are having water leaks on your property but can’t find them? Is there a foul odor coming from your sewer? Is your pool loosing water at an abnormal rate? You may need to call the leak detection specialist… A to Z Plumbing.

A to Z Plumbing provides residential home owners and commercial property owners with the best and most advanced leak detection services on the market. A to Z plumbing is locally owned and has been in the plumbing and leak detection business for over 15 years, and is headquartered in Baldwin County and they are experts at leak detection and leak repair.

A to Z Plumbing uses a wide range of high tech water and sewer leak detection equipment to find water leaks and sewer problems. No matter where your leak may be, let our water leak detector tools find your problem with the very best equipment available, including a, sewer camera, leak amplifier, leak cable locators, and video inspection which are used to track the problem and provide the most in evasive solution to correct it. This exacting solution results lower costs to correct the problem and minimal property disruption. Water leak damage can attribute to some of the most costly residential and commercial repairs. Don’t wait, call A to Z plumbing today and remedy all of your water and sewer leak problems as soon as possible with our emergency leak detection service.

Leak Amplifier

If you are experiencing a water leak or suspect you may have a leak under your property’s slab, a leak amplifier test may be necessary. This type of water leak detector gathers sound to determine the location of the wall or slab leak. Breaking into a slab can be costly and our advanced leak detection equipment determines the exact location of the leak. Underground water leak detectors and water leak alarms can also be used to determine the location of the leak. Some repairs only require removing a very small area of the slab while other repairs are much more extensive. There will always be some demolition to the property in order to fix the leak. We aim to provide repairs with the least amount of destruction possible. A to Z Plumbing’s leak detection systems are second to none.

Sewer Camera – Video Inspection

If you notice a foul odor coming from your sewer or you have a backed up sewer line, your property may require a video inspection by using sewer camera. Sewer odor can occur when water in the drain traps evaporate and allow unblocked air to push sewer odors inside the property. A pipe inspection camera can be used to determine the exact location and depth of the problem in order to keep repair cost down. By using a Sewer camera or drain camera as they are referred to, this type of pipe inspection camera can detect many of the following problems: cracked sewer lines, bellied drain lines, faulty sewer joints, debris blockage, root intrusion, leaking pipe joints, leaking drains and deteriorated pipes. There’s never an easy fix when it comes to fixing an outdoor pipe leak, however we have the solution to keep your cost down by saving you time and money in getting to the root of the problem as quick as possible. Call us today if you think you have an outdoor pipe leak and in need of a pipe inspection camera.

Swimming Pool Leaks

One of the most common problems with swimming pools is water leaks. If you notice that your pool needs to be filled at an abnormal rate, you may have a leak. A to Z Plumbing can find the leak and offer solutions to repair it. Some signs to look for are: abnormal pool levels, cracks, shifting pool decks, soggy ground around the pool, and consistent loss of pool pump prime. If you experience any of these signs you may want to contact us to set up an appointment.

Commercial & Residential Water Leak Detector Services

In addition to our residential plumbing services, we also offer a wide variety of commercial plumbing. We can provide commercial property owners with all types of plumbing services and repairs and leak detection services. Leaks hiding in walls and floors can be hard to detect and be very costly to repair, however we can locate the leak using the most advanced leak detection equipment and offer solutions to repair the problem.